Meet Dr. Bryan Bui

While I appreciate all aspects of pediatric dentistry, what I enjoy most is working with the kids. Every child is special, and when you talk with them directly and take time to get to know them, they get so excited! I am so happy when a little one is comfortable and starts laughing, joking, and singing with us!

I was traumatized as a toddler by an experience with a short-tempered dentist, and to this day I feel anxious at the thought of a dental visit. This reality helps me connect and empathize with my patients: I am extremely mindful to focus on the comfort of the person in my chair and keep tabs on how they are doing physically and emotionally.

I am so pleased when we are able to help a child get past their fears and get their painful teeth fixed. Making the process painless and worry-free builds trust, and that translates into formerly-scared kids looking forward to their next visit.

By putting the child at the forefront, and ensuring only positive experiences, I am able to fulfill my goal of keeping children healthy and excited to take care of their teeth!

Why Dentistry?

I have practiced dentistry since 1999 and pediatric dentistry since 2006.

Growing up in Costa Mesa, California, I always knew I was heading toward the healthcare field because I wanted to help people, but I wasn’t sure exactly what path I’d pursue. Then, when I was still a youth, I developed a terrible toothache. It was testing week at school but I could not concentrate, at all, because of my horrible, throbbing, rotten teeth.

We were quite poor and my parents scrambled, calling office after office trying to find a dentist who would help us. They finally reached Dr. Namsinh who said, “Just come on in. We’ll take care of the toothache and figure-out some kind of payment plan.” We rushed in and found out that I had two nasty teeth that both needed root canals. Dr. Namsinh treated me right away!

I went home after the procedure feeling paranoid, as I’d “heard” that root canals hurt during and after, but to my surprise I was feeling great! There was no more pain, at all! Seeing how Dr. Namsinh made such a difference in my life with her compassion and skill led me to volunteer with her and learn more about dentistry. From then on, I knew what I wanted to do.


In 1999, I earned my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) from Temple Dental School. After about four years of working as a general dentist, I realized there was a shortage of pediatric dentists in town. I also kept hearing parents complain about bad experiences at their children’s dentist and found myself frustrated trying to find practitioners whom I felt confident referring little kids to.

Realizing that I have always enjoyed working with the kids – and accepting that singing to my adult patients wasn’t always appreciated – I decided to pursue the specialty of pediatric dentistry. My pediatric dentistry residency was completed through Metrohealth Hospital of Cleveland Clinics Pediatric Dental Program.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

I am an active member of the:

  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Nevada Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

I complete many hours of continuing education (CE) each year. CE courses allow myself, and our team, to stay up-to-date with any technological advances, as well as developments in dental materials and techniques. I seek out new, proven options that increase patient comfort, are more efficient and effective, and provide the best results.

Beyond the Office

Time with my family is a priority when I’m not caring for growing smiles.

Lani, my sweet and supportive wife, is my rock. Breanna is my caring daughter who just graduated from Southwest Career and Technical Academy and is starting at UNLV in the fall of 2021. And my son Brandon is a smart boy who continues to urge me to be a gamer with him – but it’s only in tennis that I can keep up with him! He attends Clark High School.

Grandpa lives with us, too, and we are thankful to have him close by. He is an amazing man of many talents, from building a whole new room in the house to creating the server computer system for the family. Our family also includes three rambunctious toddler doggies: Boo, Kodi, and Mochi.

In what free time I have, I can often be found on the tennis court. I love to be physically active and tennis allows me to release all that energy. Aside from tennis, I love anything that has to do with hanging out with my family, especially as the kids are growing up so fast!

I also dedicate time to serving our community. I volunteer at health fairs, screening kids on their oral health, and volunteer dental services at Give Kids a Smile functions. Additionally, I participate in fundraising for nonprofits, including The Marty Hennessy Foundation for Kids and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Giving back to the community allows me to show my appreciation for this country that I love and all the opportunities it has allowed me and my family.

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