What Sets Us Apart

The Cavitybusters Approach to Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Bryan Bui and our team know that being a child and getting dental work done can be terrifying: Our top priority is to ensure our patients are safe and comfortable during visits, so they feel at ease in the dental setting.

Equally as important, we are the voice that advocates for children, talking with parents about their little one’s oral health, prevention, nutrition, and good dental hygiene. We truly believe in speaking up for the kids and making sure they are safe, healthy, and happy.

This two-prong approach helps to ensure each child grows up with their best oral health and the knowledge and confidence to maintain their smile, for life!

Family-Oriented Dental Care

Everyone at Cavitybusters is dedicated to caring for each child as family: with warmth, kindness, compassion, and the greatest patience. We are understanding of our patients’ needs, fears, and comfort zones, and respect each child and their family’s unique concerns.

Unlike many pediatric dental offices, we welcome parents into the clinic during visits. This allows us time to talk about the child’s dental health, offer updates and useful educational guidance, and reassures nervous parents and patients.

We carefully manage our schedule to ensure each patient has plenty of time to get comfortable in the chair before receiving the care they need. We also make time to answer parent and patient questions, so everyone understands the reasoning behind our approach and treatment choices.

Worry-Free Dentistry

Many children get anxious in new environments. Dr. Bui and all of our staff understand why it happens and we’re skilled at helping kids get comfortable in the dental space!

Using everyday language, we talk with each patient on their level, asking about their day, chatting about princesses and superheroes, and helping them acclimate to the office. When they open up, we talk about what is going to happen during their visit. Before starting any procedure, we show them the tools we will use and explain what we do with them.

We keep chatting with the child during the treatment, praising them for how well they’re doing and checking that they’re comfy. When we’re finished, we’re full of compliments and thank the little one for coming to see us: we’re thrilled to be rewarded with grins and spontaneous hugs!

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Bui and everyone at Cavitybusters looks forward to welcoming your child to our dental family. As your partners, we will help your little one grow up with a bright, healthy and happy smile! Please contact our Las Vegas, NV pediatric dental office to learn more and schedule an appointment for your child, or children, today!

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